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The Ronen Foundations extend a warm and caring hand by supporting gifted and skilled young artists in the field of classical music, from the beginning of their musical path. 

Most of the young promising artists have to deal with tough and sometimes almost impossible financing issues.

Their progress and development as musicians and as performing artists relies greatly on outside monetary support. The Ronen Foundations have made it their mission to help bring these talents to life and light; and the list of internationally renowned performing artists, nurtured by the foundations is long and impressive.

In turn, the contribution of these young talents, the future generation of artists, is a blessing and is vital for the enrichment of our world.

For Donation

(The donation is tax exempt under sec. 46 income Tax Act)
The Ronen Foundation for promoting young artists,

N.P.O No. 58-030-869-0

Discount bank, branch 303 (Modiin), account No. 80377

Mailing Address

Yaffa Israeli : Nachal Gaaton 26/2 Modiin , Israel


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