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Nahar Eliaz | נהר אליעז

Cellist | צ'לנית

Nahar Eliaz was born in 2006 and started cello lessons at the age of five with Mrs. Bluma Sarid. Since 2017 she studies with Prof. Hillel Zori from the Tel Aviv Academy of music. By age 9, Yitzhak Perlman invited her to New York to train the cello with a Julliard Teacher. Nahar joined the "Perlman Music Program" and was chosen to performed for Prime Minister Netanyahu in 2018.

Nahar is a member and a scholarship of "Zfunot Culture" Foundation of Music, "The Jerusalem Center of

Music" and "Ronen Foundation" of Music.

Nahar has won several Competitions in Israel and abroad, 1st prize and "exceptional Artist" at the "Vienna Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition" (2019), at the "Golden Classical Music Awards in New York" (2020), "London Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition 2020" , 1st Prize at the concerto Competition at the Famous Morningside Music Bridge in Boston (2017) and the 2nd prize at the follow year in Warsaw Poland (2018) , 1st prize with highest honor twice in a row (2017, 2019) in the Israeli Conservatory and 1sr prize with highest honor in the America Israel Culture Foundation. Nahar preforms in Israel and abroad as a guest artist and has her own Recitals in Tel Aviv (2018, 2019, 2020), at the Mormon University in Jerusalem (2018), in London with the couching of Murray Perahia (2017, 2018) in Calgary Canada (2019) in Lincoln Center NY USA (2019), in Barcelona arts Center (2019) , on "Kol-HaMusika" Radio Israel (2018) , on the "From The Top" Radio Program in USA (2019), twice in the TV Show "Intermezzo with Arik", in San Diego USA (2020) , Carnegie Hall NY (2020) and NY recital (2020). Nahar performed lately the Saint Saens Concerto for cello with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra in Jerusalem (July 2020) and is invited to play the Haydn C Major Concerto with Ra'anana symphonette Orchestra. During the Years Nahar participates in Many masterclasses in Israel and abroad with Prof. Laurence Lesser, Prof. Paul Katz, Prof. Tbea Zimmermann, Prof. Steven Doane, Prof. Eliott ,Andres Diaz, Peter Stumpf, Gary Hoffman, Mischa Maisky and cello professors from USA, China, Poland, Russia. Nahar Plays solo and chamber music with her

American trio.

Nahar Eliaz | נהר אליעז

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