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May Endy | מאי אנדי

Cello | צ'לו

May Endy was born in 1995 in Jerusalem. He began studying the cello when he was nine with Mrs. Luba Rabin, continued his studies at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music at Tel – Aviv University with Professor Hillel Zori and Currently a Masters degree candidate at the Manhattan school of music in New York where he studying with Professor Julia Lichten.

May took part in the David Goldman program for outstanding young musicians and the Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra of the Jerusalem Music Center where he played as first cellist. He has participated in chamber ensembles, programs and orchestral concerts and represented the center in a concert tour in London.

May participated international Music Festival and courses in Israel, Switzerland, the Netherlands and in the USA. He participated in master classes with Shmuel Magen, Uri Vardi, Zvi Plesser, Uzi Wiesel, Maria Tz’iicovskaya, Paul Katz, Clara Kim, Dmitry Yablonsky, Melissa Phelps, Gary Hoffman, Amit Peled, Amanda Forsyth and chamber music master classes with the Borodin quartet, Pavel Haas quartet, Appel Hill quartet, Jerusalem quartet, Ariel quartet, Szymanowski Quartet, Emerson quartet, Antony Pay, Orfeo Mandozzi, Valentin Erben, Robert Kulek, Shmuel Ashkenasi, Itzhak Perlman and others.

May served in the Israeli army with the status of “outstanding musician” and also represented the army musicians' program in a concert tour in Germany. He was also a member in the "Gertler string quartet", the representative chamber music ensemble of the Buchmann-Mehta school of music.

May is a member in the Perlman Music Program for outstanding strings players from all over the world, under the musical direction of violinist Itzhak Perlman. May also a member of the “Musethica organization”, playing official concerts as well as concerts for variety of social and humanitarian organizations in Israel.

Since 2009 receives the Sharet scholarship from The America-Israel Cultural Foundation. Since 2019 he is supported by  "Ronen Foundation"  In 2013 May won the first prize at the Israeli National Cello competition named after Eran Zoldan, in 2018 he won 1st prize at the annual Buchman Mehta school of music strings competition and in 2019 the 3ed prize at the school chamber music competition. May plays on an old English cello named Tom Allen and a M.H Andersen bow, loaned to him from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.

May Endy | מאי אנדי

My relationship to Ronen Foundation

I am supported by the Ronen foundation since 2019. The scholarship from Ronen foundation made my studies in New York possible. To be supported by the Ronen foundation it's much more than a scholarship, it's to be a part of a family, a big family of the most talented and promising young musicians in Israel. It is a big honor for me to be part of the Ronen foundation family, this honor comes with an obligation to myself, to become the best musician I can be. I am truly grateful to the Ronen Foundation for their support and for their huge impact on the future of music in Israel

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