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Danielle Tagar

Danielle Tagar received her BA in Music Performance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, studying Bass Trombone performance with Eli Aharoni and Avital Hendler. She received her Master in Music Performance with honors from Aaron Copland School of Music, studying Bass Trombone Performance with Haim Avitzur's class.

Danielle is an alumnus of the Givatayim Conservatory and the Tel Aviv Conservatory in the classes of Yuval Dvir and Micha Davis. She is also a graduate of the Thelma Yellin School of the Arts in the classical music department.

Danielle performed as a solo player as the winner of the concerto competition in 2019 with the Aaron Copland School's Symphony orchestra, and in 2018 with the Aaron Copland School's Chamber Orchestra. She also performed as a solo player with the Collective Orchestra in Israel in 2009.

Danielle is the winner of the Ronen Foundation scholarship between the years 2017-2020, the winner of the Saul Novack Scholarship and the winner of various excellence scholarships from the Aaron Copland School of Music and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Danielle is a prior member of the Bnei Hakibbutzim Orchestra, the Collective Orchestra, the National Orchestra, the Givataim Orchestra, and the Tel Aviv Orchestra. She was also a part of many Chamber music programs, and other excellent programs, in Israel, Germany and New York.

In recent years, Danielle has been invited to play with the Israeli Opera Orchestra, the Amadeus Orchestra in New York, the Massapequa Philharmonic, the Beer Sheva Symphonette, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra and others.

Over the years, Danielle organized charity concerts for various organizations in Israel and abroad, and was the producer of the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra. Danielle, as part of her job in the Jerusalem Academy, founded scholarships all over Jerusalem for young musician to donate back to the community, and used to play voluntarily in hospitals and nursery homes on her free time in Israel and New York

Today, Danielle returned back to Israel after three years as a freelancer musician and arranger in New York City. Danielle is planning on getting her Doctoral Degree from Bar Ilan University in Musicology. She performs in chamber ensembles and Orchestras on Sackbut and Bass Trombone.

Danielle Tagar

My relationship to Ronen Foundation

I discovered the Ronen Foundation relatively late in my professional life - I started my master's degree in 2017, and I found myself in New York without friends, family, and a source of livelihood. Even though I knew it all when I got on the plane with a one-way ticket, the fear and loneliness flooded me. I felt that in this whole city full of successful people I was the loneliest girl in the world, and that professionally no one cared about me. Just before I bought a return ticket, I found myself typing on Google "People who support young musicians in the United States just before they come back with their tails between their legs." And that's how I found Ronen Foundation, and more importantly - Yaffa. In all my years as a musician I have never seen anyone like Yaffa, nor have I found a place like the Ronen Foundation: the warmth, love, and support I have received from the foundation in recent years are endless. The scholarship is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Ronen Foundation family - every musician there knows that whether he needs a supportive audience, financial help, or even just a sympathetic listener, he will find it among the other artists from the foundation and Yaffa. I see Yaffa and the Foundation as one of the main reasons for my success in my master's degree and graduation with honors, and thanks to their support, I am privileged to continue my doctoral studies.

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