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Noam Sabag Lahat | נעם סבג להט

Baritone | בריטון

Noam was born in 2002. He began his musical career in 2014 with the Bat Shir Choir, the Haifa Symphony Orchestra. In 2015, he began studying voice  development in Noa Bizanski's class and at the same time that year, he began studying at the six-year Reut art school in the  music department.

In 2018 he joined the program for outstanding young singers of the Jerusalem Music Center and shortly thereafter began studying voice development in Jeffrey Francis' class. In 2019, he began studying at the Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts.

In 2019, Noam was accepted to the pilot of outstanding talented musicians from the Ministry of Education. Also that year, Noam was accepted as a scholarship to the Ronen Foundation.

Noam accepted a scholarship of the America Israel Cultural Foundation, Sharett Foundation, in the Excellence Scholarship for the years 2020-2021.

Noam Sabag Lahat | נעם סבג להט

My relationship to Ronen Foundation

My relationship with the Ronen Foundation began when I first met Yaffa on a musical weekend of the Outstanding Singers Program of the Jerusalem Music Center which is supported by the Ronen Foundation. From this meeting, I realized that the Ronen Foundation is a family that supports mature and young artists like me from the very beginning until they reach the professional top.

From the very first moment I entered the foundation, I felt the supportive presence of Yaffa, who makes sure to take an interest in and support the professional and personal progress of all the foundation's scholarships.

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