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Mika Cohen

Mezzo soprano

born in Israel in 2002.

She began piano lessons in first grade, guitar lessons in third grade. During the six grade she started with voice development with Ms. Natalia Shpielboy and from September 2017 she studies with Ms. Anat Efrati.

In 2016 she was accepted to 'Thelma-Yellin' High School of Arts.

Beginning in 2016, she sang in the National 'Thelma–Yellin' National High School Choir conducted by Mr. Yishai Steckler and from 2017 she serves as the soloist of the choir.

Starting in the summer of 2016, Mika is taking part in the Jerusalem Music Center's Outstanding Singers Course.

In 2019, Mika was accepted into the special national program for gifted and outstanding young musicians by the Ministry of Education.

Mika was a member of the "Magic Strings" ensemble, which appeared for four consecutive years at the Netanya International Guitar Festival (Guitar Pearls).

Mika has been a member of the "Voices of the Mirror" choir for 7 years during which she has performed at national choir conferences, churches throughout the country (Beit Jamal, Augusta Victoria, Emanuel Church in Jaffa and more) and annual concerts at the Israeli Philharmonic Hall of Culture through "Key Program".

Mika performed at Israel's President's House as a soloist in the Lifetime Award ceremony given to Ms. Hava Alberstein for her contribution to Yiddish culture in Israel.

Mika accepted to a special program in the IDF as an 'outstanding musician' and accepted to the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music at Tel Aviv University.

Mika participated in Master Classes with: Prof. Jeanette Fabro Reuter, Amiel Bushknitz, Letizia Grimaldi, Tim Fallon, Shirit Lee Weiss, Yuval Zoran, Carola Tile, Elena Bashkirova and more…

Mika scholarship "Ronen foundation" for 2018/19 and scholarship "America-Israel cultural foundation" for 2020/21

Mika Cohen

My relationship to Ronen Foundation

My relationship with "Ronen Foundation" began when I was 16 years old. Month later, I have received a scholarship from the "Ronen Foundation" within the special connection between my high-school: "Thelma Yellin" and the "Ronen Foundation". Since then, I'm in continuous contact with Yaffa, inviting her to my recitals and concerts, feeling free to talk with her about anything happening in my life.                

  I am feeling blessed for the fact that Yaffa is always there for me and that the Ronen Foundation is a warm loving home which is always there to support me.

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