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Guy Levi

Viola | ויולה

Guy, born in 2001, began his music studies as a violinist and after much interest he fell in love with the viola that accompanies him to this day along with his current teacher Dr. Lilac Levanon.

Studied at the Thelma Yellin High School. Played as a lead player in the school's Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Guy Feder and Yishai Steckler.

A graduate of the Jerusalem Music Center's Outstanding Musicians' program "Mishkenot Sha'ananim" and played as a leading player in the Young Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Lahav Shani, Kazishtof Kozelsky, Zvika Carmeli, Ian Shaw and others.

Guy also took part in the David Goldman Chamber Music Program where he played in various ensembles with the best musicians such as: Sergei Bressler, Felix Nemirovsky, Ella Tovi, Nitai and Hillel Tzri, Tibi Zeiger, Menachem Wiesenberg, Itamar Leshem, Yossi Arnheim, and participated in master classes with Murray Perahia and members of the Jerusalem Quartet.

As part of a limited program for outstanding string players from all over the country, he participated in 'Huberman' courses on behalf of the Mishkenot Sha'ananim Music Center, where he studied with teachers Molly Carr and Robert Vernon.

In addition, he participated in master classes with Lawrence Power and Tatiana Mazorenko, and as part of Keshet Eilon's courses, he studied with teacher Mila Feldman. In addition, he won the Sharet Foundation Scholarship for the years 2016/17 and a scholarship from the Ronen Foundation.

Guy is currently a full-time soldier in the IDF and an undergraduate student at the Buchman-Mehta Music School at Tel Aviv University

Guy Levi

My relationship to Ronen Foundation

My relationship with the Ronen Foundation, and in fact with Yaffa Israeli, who is the beating heart of this wonderful foundation, began in the tenth grade. Miri Zamir Capsuto, a close friend of Yaffa and the former director of the classical music department at Thelma Yellin High School, met between a number of students in the program, including me, and Yaffa.

Yaffa explained to us that the Ronen Foundation is not just a foundation, it is a family, and now we are part of it.

Since then, Yaffa was updated on all my professional and personal deeds; she interested, asked and helped wherever possible. It's a great privilege to be part of a family of people, musicians and artists so special and talented, the foundation's initiatives and projects connect all of these for noble causes, and it's great fun to take part in it

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