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Amit Shavit


Born 2003. Plays clarinet and bass clarinet. He began his clarinet studies in the fourth grade in Mr. Or Posti's class in his elementary school. After about a year, he went to study with Mr. Uri Gorodetsky at the Kfar Yona Conservatory, where he also participated in various orchestras and ensembles such as the Classical Wind Orchestra, String Orchestra, Clarinet , Flute and Piano Trio and more. After three years in Mr. Uri Gorodetsky's class, he began studying with Mrs. Orit Orbach for two years and is currently studying for the third year with Mr. Ilya Shwars.

In 2017, he began studying at the National Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts in the field of classical music, where he studies today.

Over the years he has played in a number of orchestras under the baton of well-known conductors such as the Netanya Representative Orchestra under the baton of Mr. Moti Miron, the Israeli National Orchestra under the baton of Mr. Gal Alterovich and the Thelma Yellin Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Mr. Guy Feder. In addition, as part of his studies at Thelma Yellin High School, he participated in a mixed choir under the baton of the conductor, Mr. Yishai Steckler.

In 2018 he was accepted into the program of outstanding and gifted musicians of the Ministry of Education. In addition, in 2019-2020 he participated in a chamber ensemble directed by Mr. Gilad Harel as part of the Goldman program for outstanding musicians of the Jerusalem Music Center.

Participated in the winter course of the Center for Music at Kibbutz Eilon and the Polyphony Association in December 2017, as part of which he participated in the wind ensemble and the course's symphony orchestra.

Amit participated in the summer of 2019 and in the summer of 2020 in the International Clarinet Workshop at Kibbutz Mizra initiated by the clarinetist Alexander Fiterstein.

In September 2020 he participated in the online course of the artist classes Appeldoren in the Netherlands under the guidance of Professor Charles Neidich.

He will perform his military service in the IDF Orchestra as a clarinet player.

Over the years he has participated in many master classes with top musicians. Among them are Professor Charles Neidich, Mrs. Sharon Kam, Mr. Tibi Cziger, Mr. Yevgeny Yehudin, Mr. Alexander Fiterstein, Mr. Dudu Carmel, Mr. Ronald Van Spaendonck, Mr. Jonathan Hadas, Mr. Ron Selka, Mr. Fredrik Fors and more.

He also received a scholarship from the Ronen Foundation

Amit Shavit

My relationship to Ronen Foundation

My relationship with Yaffa and Ronen Foundation started this year, I got to know an amazing and caring woman, an attentive supporter and happy to help with anything that is needed. I feel like I have joined a warm and supportive family and I am happy and grateful for this opportunity!

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